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Biographie The folding knife is the largest category of knife to be confiscated from people of all walks of life in the United States, and all around the world. This is most likely due to the fact that they have been adopted as an everyday carry tool – more so than a fixed blade knife. And though the fixed blade knife is still the most popular style of knife, the folding knife has been incorporated into everyday, modern life, because it’s inconspicuous able to slide into or hook onto a pocket unnoticed.

Though some folks claim that the folding knife is as old as the Greeks and Romans, the reality is that they were specialized knives for the longest time; carving knives, Swiss Army knives, and knives used in gardening, boating, harvesting, etc. It wasn’t until a few decades ago where innovation started changing the category of folding knife – drastically. It’s as if when Spyderco invented the pocket clip for easier carry and thumb hole for easier opening that other knife companies have started doing anything they could to find the next best thing in terms of carry, deployment and use.

We’ve handpicked 7 of our favorite knives available on the market. They do a great job of balancing performance with durability, and price with quality. We want you to get a knife that you rely on when you need it most. We’ll cover what’s unique about each knife, what you should be looking for, and the kind of real-world performance you can expect.

We’ll conclude each section with what we did and didn’t like about the knives so that you can make a well-informed buying decision. Our goal is to get you ready and confident enough to choose a knife and not regret it. Let’s see how we can make your life easier and safer with our best folding knife review!

The reversible pocket clip lets you mount the knife in a variety of different configurations. We love these types of clips because you don’t always have to use your left hand to quickly draw the knife. You’re getting a slightly shorter thumb stud that isn’t as rough. It’s just enough to be useful, though we would like to have seen it a little longer.

Linear locking systems are awesome and reliable, and that’s what you’re getting here. This, along with the Trac-Tec handle inlays give you all the reliability and control you need over the 3.4” blade. It’s possibly the best folding survival knife at this price point and offers decent value for money. 
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