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Name RusekLoren 
Geburtsdatum 27. August 1990
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Beschäftigung lophophora williamsii 
Hobbies lophophora williamsii 
Wohnort Germany 
Biographie The name lophophora is originated from the Ancient Greek word lophos, suggesting "the crest of a hill" or "safety helmet," and phoreao, "to bring." The etymology mean the tufts of hair atop the plant's tubercles. To first hit upon the noticeable, the ethnobotanical significance of this types is unmatched in the cactus world. L. williamsii is rather renowned to some for its content of mescaline as the all-natural medication peyote. The main psychoactive alkaloid found in lophophoras is mescaline, and also the standard "efficient" dose for people is 200 to 400 milligrams. To show how ridiculous it is to restrict enthusiast farming of this varieties, a huge, fully grown 3-inch "button" returns just 25 milligrams of mescaline. For a reliable dosage, one would need to grow, at minimum, 8 large plants, which can take anywhere from 10 to 20 years to grow. That does not take into account the minimized return of the alkaloid as a result of cultivation conditions as well as substrate, and also if the cultivar was genuinely L. williamsii or one of the associated species that have little to no mescaline web content. Lophophoras can have numerous various other ethnobotanically considerable alkaloids that include pellotine and also anhaladine. It interests keep in mind that the types of lophophora williamsii that produce little to no mescaline rather bring high quantities of these latter sedative alkaloids, which are ruled out illegal drugs. Every one of these isoquinoline alkaloids discovered in L. williamsii are referred to as additional metabolites. Additional metabolite instances could consist of bitter representatives to discourage grazing from pests, secure a plant from heat or assist the plant take in or show sunshine. L. williamsii is intriguing in that the additional metabolites are not only psychedelic, yet demonstrate an outdoors use. Common second metabolite alkaloids consist of high levels of caffeine and also numerous other drugs as well as medications. The cactus may have developed antimicrobial homes to defend itself from conditions and microorganisms. This approach is proposed for numerous medical plant teams and also even vegetables. 
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